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07 March 2011

Google SEO Tip: Use Specific Words and description in your Meta Description

Every website or blog has specific keywords, no body can use every keyword for optimization, this exception is not Ok that after optimization your website will open after every word search.

Be remember, Google gives priority to Meta descriptions also during search..

05 December 2010

Google Search Engine Optimisation - Optimise Your Web Link

Google Search Engine Optimisation has too many difinitions, different peoples describes it in different was and style although it is a process by which somebody can make his or her website or link easy to reach for millions of internet users.

It is very difficult to catch thousands of visitors hourly or daily because millions of sites and data is available at every time, only your unique idea can catch users to your site, blog, or link, but there are thousands of ideas present at every time, so now the question is what we have to do in this scenario?

Search Engine Optimisation is the only free solution here. if you know it, optimisation is not too much difficult but are some tips and processes, this is not a very tough task, anybody can learn it by free tutorials present in youtube.com or video.google.com

One of the most useful link is http://wpip.wordpress.com , From the help of this link you can read valuable articles about optimisation of your web pages or links.

Optimization is a very detailed chapter but lets move to our topic, Web Link Optimisation, following are some tips for bloggers and wordpress users, read and impliment it carefully. when you post something on your blog (Blogger and Wordpress both), so link creates automatically, like follows:


In a deep glance you will see the date is present after blog adress or name, then some words describing post content in between last two back slashes "/---/", change these words, here should be three to four words or minimum five words, which will describes your post completely, if you will not change them wordpress or blogger place your whole title name here, which can be twenty to twenty five words, because according to title optimization, bloggers uses two line titles seperating by hiphen "-" we will discuss it in future too, if whole title apears on your weblink, so it will show on google search like that:

http://hirnota.wordpress.com/2010/11/24/porsche-cayman-r-cars make...

It is an example, when somebody click on this incomplete dot dot weblink showing on search result, so he will reach you, but Incomplete weblink will not satisfy all users to click on it, according to our research, 20% IPs clicks on this type of incomplete links, 80% ignores these links while it is present in search result, may be on first page. These three dots in the end can be in the middle of the link too. Shorten the link can catch visitors, because there is only three inch space for you link, if your link is fulfil this criteria so success is yours, have a good luck.


03 December 2010

Google - An Amazing Universe to Explore

Google is just a search engine for normal nominal users but if you think deeply it is also a biggest mystery because it is itself an e-world where every thing is possible, where, there is no meaning of nothing, any impossibility is possible, overall a biggest and greatest way to broadcasting, communication and entertainment. We're going to explore this amazing world soon, if you are creative, Google warmly welcome, if you have any idea, you can work on it, Google helps are available for every one, you can do each and every thing in legal limits if you are in the Google family. You can earn also, earn with Google is the most favorite and popular these days or we may say that it is an heavenly opportunity to all free lancers, we'll publish all our research reports about Google and discuss all these things with you, if you have any query about Google, ask with us. any idea? share with us, you can contact us on this email address, we'll welcome all your ethical questions, queries, ideas and requests, so be with us, invite your friends here and explore this beautiful world.
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